the humble warrior formula

We wrote a maths formula for drinks ūü§ď

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche would describe his formula for human greatness as 'amor fati' - a love of fate; or lapping up whatever is thrown your way.

It inspired us to consider our own formula for greatness...not quite as elegant as Nietzche but still. 


 Pencils at the ready? Let us explain. 




1. Pure (p)

You heard BBC say we were 'so pure, so refreshing'... and that's because each sip is packed full of real ingredients like Costa Rican pineapple and alphonso mango.

It means you're drinking proper fizz: full-bodied and moreish with every sip.




2. Vitamins (v)

By combining modern science with kick-ass tradition, we serve up 100% of your daily vitamin C in a can of drink that tastes as good as it feels.

So you can treat your insides to a daily fortification without even thinking about it.  




3. Bad stuff (bs)

You kissed goodbye to artificial stuff in your food - so why are you still putting up with it in your drinks?!

Thanks to 3 years of research and development with the world's best taste-makers, we deliver the goods to you naturally.

That means no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or synthetic powders. Just great taste and good health  -  it's all natural baby!



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