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Gentle nature.

We celebrate the humble plant and source the most revered ones. We're made in the UK and 2% of every bottle sold goes to SOS Children's charity.

Kick-ass drinks.

We cold brew, distil and extract plants to create the perfect mix of flavour and function. With natural vitamins from plants, low sugar & flavours that kickass.


We use real fruit (like grapefruits and pomegranates) before layering proper amounts of plants in our drinks. The result is a complex, lightly sparkling drink with the right mix of flavor and function. Low calorie, no added sugar, vegan friendly.

Our roots run deep

humble warrior was inspired by Rosh's childhood visits to Sri Lanka and the incredible roots, leaves and spices used for centuries in the East. We realised so many of these beauties are stuck in the shadows in powders and tablets. So we set about crafting tasty plant-powered soft drinks using just raw plants (no bad stuff!) that are punchy on taste and worship your insides.


We take no prisoners on sustainability. We source our plants ethically, craft in glass in the UK, and donate 2% of every bottle sold.


We hope you love ‘em!

Rosh and Andy

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