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Gentle nature. Punchy tonics.

We celebrate the humble plant and go to the ends of the Earth to source the most revered ones. We aren’t afraid to include the rare, the exotic and the unexpected.

We cold brew, distil and extract our plants to create extraordinary flavours that pack a punch. We source ethically, craft in glass in the UK, and donate part of our profits to Sri Lanka.

In a world of virtual realities, we're all about reconnecting back to nature and ancient traditions. So we created our tasty tonics with the kick-ass power of plants.


"Drinks like no other  - a modern, fun and delicious way to enjoy potent plants and connect with nature."

Michael Isted BSc (hons)
Herbalist, Phytochemist and Nutrionist

Sampler box

Want to have it all?  Try all three tasty flavours.

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Plant-based tonics

We cold brew, distil and extract the world’s best plants from the most ethical growers – and craft these beauties into delicious tonics that pack a punch! 
Low calorie, no added sugar, light on fruit juice.

Our roots run deep

humble warrior was inspired by Rosh's childhood visits to Sri Lanka, ancient Ayurveda and the incredible roots, leaves and spices used for centuries in the East. We always struggled to find these amazing ingredients outside their homelands, so we set about crafting exciting drinks that bring these beauties out of the shadows and into our everyday lives.


We hope you love ‘em!

Rosh and Andy

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