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Plants 101

We’re all about making it easy to live a healthy life, not a chore. That’s why we turned to the power of plants. Once upon a time you had to rely on powders and tablets to stay healthy, now humble warrior gives it to you with the crack and psssht of a can...

Daily dose of vitamin C

Each can of hw contains your recommended daily dose of vitamin C (100 mg/ per 100 ml). And the best bit it’s entirely natural – from the amazing acerola cherry. None of this synthetic lab-made stuff in these beauties.

100% natural, no synthetics

When it comes to supporting immunity, it's well known that our bodies absorb more nutrients and minerals from natural, unprocessed foods. It’s why we will never use synthetic, lab made vitamins in our drinks.

Powered by plants

Our drinks are powered by plants like the acerola cherry, which has 16 times the vitamin C of an orange. Plus antioxidant rich fruit, roots, and leaves, like turmeric, ginger, pomegranate and mango which are naturally packed with vitamins (like C, B and D).

Always low on the sugars

Spikes in sugar intake stop your immune system working as well, it’s why we never add sugar to our drinks, and always keep them low. All our cans contain less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml.

Always low on calories

Studies have shown that less is more when it comes to calories and your immunity. By eating well, and keeping your calories low, you enhance your body's immune response to nasties. Plants are naturally low calorie. That means you can indulge on your fizzy pop knowing you’re not doing yourself any harm.

No bad stuff

We are 100% natural, plant-based delicious goodness. We steer clear of stuff you can’t pronounce and ingredients cooked up in labs (like synthetic vitamin packs).

Andrew picks Acerola from a tree

Very delicious

We use juicy Alphonso mangoes, lush Costa Rican pineapples and the highest quality European pomegranates to make delicious, full-bodied functional drinks. We've always believed you shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to taste. 

Ready to try?

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How many can I drink?

A can is your daily recommended intake of vitamin C (around 80 mg)…but there's really no limit to how many you can have!

How do I serve it?

Morning, noon or night – throw it down solo or as a sidekick to food. Best served cold.

What inspired humble warrior?

It was Rosh’s childhood experimenting with amazing plants with her dad in their family kitchen in Sri Lanka. Read our story to find out more!

Rosh sits among plants

More questions?

Head over to our FAQ – or get in touch anytime –

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