Ginger: the power root ūüĆŅ ‚ö°

Ginger: the power root ūüĆŅ ‚ö°


Every can of humble warrior contains something we call the warrior blend.

It's a special blend of functional plants, carefully selected for their superior health benefits.

Front and centre in the blend is the incredible ginger .. the most versatile ingredient out there.


Your wet weather anti-dote 

If you can't get away somewhere hot, ginger is the next best thing. This wonder root has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties.

It delivers kickass anti-oxidant benefits, helping fight the free radicals that make us get sick. So it's a perfect immune booster in these colder months!


Gut lovin'

On top of immune benefits, ginger packs a powerful punch when it comes to gut health.. helping our food get through the digestive system faster while nourishing the gut microbiome. Your gut will thank you.


Ginger on a roll

The active ingredient in ginger is a powerful compound called gingerol. It's what gives it those amazing benefits. We use whole root ginger from Peru in our drinks, delivering high levels of gingerol in every sip.

So when we say our drinks will make you 'strong like a warrior', you know we mean it.

Time to get sippin'?


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