Pac man immunity

Defending Your Immunity Like Pacman

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defence. Think of it as the power up button in Pac Man, helping you fight off invaders.

humble warrior is your #1 go-to when it comes to immunity (obvs). And here are 5 more ways to stay strong like a warrior.

Live au naturel

When it comes to supporting immunity, it's all about eating natural unprocessed foods. Whole foods, such as plants (fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains) gives you two things: 1) vitamins and minerals that your body can easily absorb (unlike synthetics or processed food and drink), and 2) the building blocks to help your immune system work properly.


BFFs forever

In a study about the links between relationships and immunity, psychologists have found that people with strong social networks are less likely to get sick. A study of 200 healthy participants found that the more diverse a person’s social network, the less likely they were to develop a cold. So get out there people and work the room / bar / office / gym !


Move ya body

All you need is 30 to 60 minutes a day doing something active ... a brisk walk to the tube or run around the park.

You don't even need to go that hard, research shows that prolonged intensity workouts without rest between sessions can actually suppress your immune system .. So it's three cheers for moderation!


Show me the light

There are mountains of studies showing that natural light energizes the T cells that play a central role in our immunity. Our skin particularly loves the light ... so seeing the sun rise, and doing some soul searching as you stand in front of it, is a good way to start the day after all.


Dreams come true

Sleep is the secret sauce to strong immunity.  One research study found sleep deprivation reduced natural killer cells and immune responses after just one night.

Everyone's sleep needs are different but the good word is that adults should aim for 7 to 8 hours a night.

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