Diaries from Sri Lanka

Diaries from Sri Lanka

At this time of year, we like to dream about sunnier scenes. Here's a few snaps from our recent supplier visit to the land of natural beauty and smiles, Sri Lanka...


Going back to our roots

 humble warrior was inspired by long days in Rosh's family kitchen with her father, learning about extraordinary plants and their benefits. So on a recent visit back to the homeland, Rosh and her dad headed back to where it all began!


Always plant-powered 

We love the variety and natural goodness of food & drink in the East. From home cooked feasts to roadside fruit stands, nothing beats getting that whole plant goodness straight from mother nature. 

 King Coconut is packed with natural electrolytes and tastes incredible.. we couldn't get enough!


humble friends

Nothing keeps the ego in check like a 5-tonne elephant staring down your car! This senora walked across multi-lane traffic with all the grace of a prima ballerina.  


Home grown

We always stay close to our growers from around the world. We pick our plants at just the right moment to get the fullest flavours - straight from mother nature to you. This is Dilshan, who manages one of the plantations in Matara - and one of the healthiest 65-year olds we've ever seen!

Must be something in those plants...


Time to transport yourself to somewhere else?

We make immune boosting fizzy drinks with kick-ass plants. They're packed with natural vitamins & nutrients and taste delicious - the perfect mix of flavour and function. 

Proper plants. No bad stuff.
Very delicious.

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