Real fruit. Real plants. Real flavour

Real fruit. Real plants. Real flavour

Keep it real

humble warrior is made with real fruit and real plant ingredients - like acerola puree, ginger juice and Costa Rican pineapple.
It means you're getting real, full-bodied taste and real benefits from natural ingredients in every sip. Most fizzy drinks and seltzers rely on synthetic flavours and powders for their taste and function.
For us, that stuff doesn't stack up - which is why we'll always be 100% plant-powered.
Coz life's better au naturel.
Mango Turmeric 
Juicy alphonso mango, earthy turmeric root and fiery ginger.  It's like a hug from the sun.
Pineapple Ginger
With Costa Rican pineapple, whole ginger root, and fresh rosemary extract, it's cooler than a hammock in the breeze.
Pomegranate Hibiscus
Made with lush pomegranate juice, distilled Ceylon cinnamon and sweet hibiscus flower, it's as heavenly as a kiss from the gods.
We make functional fizzy drinks with real fruit and kick-ass plants. They're rich in natural vitamins & nutrients, low in sugar and taste delicious - the perfect mix of flavour and function. 
Proper plants.
No bad stuff.
Very delicious.

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humble warrior 7 Bell Yard London, London WC2A 2JR


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