Turmeric: the gold standard

Turmeric: the gold standard


Turmeric: the gold standard


Every can of humble warrior contains something we call the warrior blend.

It's a special blend of functional plants, carefully selected for their superior health benefits.

Front and centre in the blend is the incredible turmeric root .. the trendy ingredient 4,000 years in the making.


Gold fighter

Turmeric is best known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. That means it helps blood circulate and fights the free radicals that make us age and get sick. Immunity? Tick!
In many parts of Asia, people also believe it helps with memory and concentration.

Boomin' with curcumin

Turmeric's most powerful compound is curcumin. It's what gives it those amazing benefits. We use whole root turmeric from Sri Lanka in our drinks, so we deliver the real deal, and the maximum possible curcumin in every sip.
So when we say hw will make you strong like a warrior, you know we really mean it.


Eat it, drink it, spread it on your face

Curcumin's also what gives the root its incredible golden colour.  As well as making food & drink glow golden, turmeric's colour-fast properties have made it a go-to for saris and even Buddhist monk's robes. 
And with the right recipe, it can even be used as a face mask. Try it for an enduring, post-summer glow!

Time to get sippin'?


We make healthy fizzy drinks with kick-ass plants. They're rich in natural vitamins & nutrients, low in sugar and taste delicious - the perfect mix of flavour and function. 
Proper plants.
No bad stuff.
Very delicious.

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