Plant Big Ups: U is for Umami

Plant Big Ups: U is for Umami

We promised to start bigging up plants, and here's our first instalment! 

There are 5 taste sensations in the world:

* we say "oohmarmi", you say "ahmarmi" ... a moreish savoury taste you've probably had a million times but never had a name for

And the world of plants contains every one of them.  From spices to roots, barks to leaves, these quiet achievers pack textures, tastes and smells... taking our taste-buds on a journey that is light years beyond the everyday! 

The drinks we dig at hw are like a good book - they've got a strong start, a moreish middle and an ending that keeps you asking questions. And when plants are combined and crafted the right way they can deliver one hell of a story, with any or all of the 5 tastes showing up in every sip.

Take tulsi (aka holy basil).  Hailing from the mint family, it has a strong basil-like aroma, with floral and peppery notes. Cold brewing tulsi (as we do) takes this humble leaf to another level, delivering mind-blowing hints of kola nut and clove – bittersweet, layered and delicious.

The truth is, the moreish, complex flavours that are cherished in the world's best drinks are all rooted in plants. Our favourite tipples take their flavour cues from hero plants - like agave (tequila) or juniper berries (gin) - the oak barrels they're aged in or the garnishes we serve them with. 

The world's most sippable drinks are all rooted in plants.

So plants slay on taste then. End of.
And we're loving helping you discover how they can delight the tastebuds.

Before we go, we know lots of you enjoyed the tree pants last time. This week we've been spending way too much time looking at this mesmerising clip showing what happens when a plant goes into battle. True warriors!

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