Escape the Buffoonery

Escape the Buffoonery

We're guessing if you're reading this, you're after a break from the daily buffoonery of humanity. 

So here's your first instalment from humble warrior HQ. We'll be talking about nature, and drinks (and yes, plants quite a bit).. but the main point is to share stories that remind us there are things all around us just waiting to be discovered. And that all the human shenanigans are just a tiny speck in the vast garden of the universe.

Whoa, this shiz got deep..!!

There are 300,000 edible plants on Earth. But guess what? We only use around 200 in our everyday eating and drinking… and just 3 plants (3 PLANTS!!) make up nearly 60% of all the plants we eat.

If we adopted the same approach to speaking, we’d only be using the first page of the dictionary - and there'd be a LOT of weird chat about aardvarks abandoning abalone.


So what gives??!

Why are we being shut out from the rest of the world's plants? It can't be to do with taste - they taste awesome! It can't be their natural goodness .. obvs!

It's gotta be because there aren't enough people bigging up the world's weird + wonderful plants!

And we’re all about changing that. So that more of us can enjoy their mind-blowing flavours and awesome goodness .. and help feed people in a sustainable way.

So stand by as we serve up some serious plant worship over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, check out these tree pants!



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