Dry January: Meet Al Capone

Dry January: Meet Al Capone

It's almost 100 years to the day since the Eighteenth Amendment was passed in the US, enforcing Prohibition and banning the sale of booze. 

The ban was overturned in 1933... but Al Capone and his mates would be turning in their graves if they knew that after all their clandestine efforts to dodge the ban, Dry January would be a thing and the peeps of 2020 would be actively choosing to avoid the bottle.

Which got us wondering how the top 3 'drinking moments' have moved on since Prohibition.

Back in the day, the only real way to unwind after knock-off was to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple. In the face of prohibition, the committed drinker turned to 'moonshine': high-proof, bootlegged liquor with ABVs topping 60% and a flavour profile to match!

Today we've got choices galore. We can swap out the bootleg for an experience - boxing, a new-wave spin class or epic escape room. And if we do want a drink, our options are bigger and better than ever... with innovations in both booze and non-alcoholic drinks at an all-time high. Boo yao!


From fancy clubs with jazz bands and ballroom dancefloors to dingy backroom basements, the 20s socialite revelled in the infamous world of 'speakeasies'. This is where the cocktail was born, mixing (poorly) distilled alcohol with cola, sugar, mint, lemon, & fruit juices.

Thankfully, our options for socialising have moved on from the dark and dingy basement salon and sugary mixed drinks. From morning rave parties to booze-free bars, new social moments with awesome AF drinks are making any time of day a good one to catch up with pals.

Of course, the 1920s gave us far more than just cocktails and jazz. They also gave us dating - replacing old-school 'courtship' with the more casual rendezvous we know so well (a first step on the path to Tinder). But today we've got plenty of awesome options to get through that first date awkwardness, that don't involve the tipple of our forefathers. 

Fitness heads can pick their poison to blow off some steam: barre core, F45, HIIT, hot yoga; foodies can hit up their fave street food market, and for those seeking a deeper connection there's everything from multi-sensory yoga, to infrared saunas or old-school meditation to break the ice (non-verbally).

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