The only way is through

The only way is through

Nothing like a global pandemic to remind us of our humble place in this big wide world hey!

At times like this, the incredible timelessness of nature can be an awesome comfort ... so we're dedicating this Warrior Wisdom, like most that have come before, to the wicked power of plants. We hope it uplifts ya.

And remember warriors, the only way is through!

In 1918 the world went through the Spanish flu pandemic. Like now, people were quarantined at home to help stop the spread (they had it a tad worse though, on the back of the WW1). In those times, much like now people turned to plants.  They’d add a handful of pungent garlic cloves to a bottle of cognac, infuse for two weeks then take 15 drops of the elixir 3 times a day.

It was the prophylactic to end all prophylactics.. and as modern medicine has shown the awesome antiviral properties of garlic, it’s been proven wise. So munch a few and cuddle up close, fellow isolators!!

We bang on about reconnecting with nature quite a bit at hw...and lockdown status makes this mantra a little harder to follow. But never fear, there’s still plenty of options to reconnect. Befriend a tree out the window - say hi, tell it your secrets. If you can, climb it or give it a hug. You'll have a friend for life ... and it may be the closest you can get to skin on skin right now!

And if in doubt, remember smart people have studied this practice... and shown that a little of the ol' bark touchy does actually make us feel less wired, and more our normal selves. 

It’s time to open up that spice draw, and brew yourself a simple plant infusion - perfect to sip on warm or cold. Here's a 2 min recipe. 

Smash up a few cardamom pods (shell on) by bashing with the back of a spoon
Break up 2 sticks of cinnamon
Throw it all in a teapot (or saucepan)
Leave to brew with lid on for 20-30 mins until the liquid gets to room temperature
Strain, and either reheat or drink cool over ice
If you like a little kick, sprinkle a little cayenne pepper before serving

And there you have it - delicious, nourishing and you've got your head back in the spice drawer. Ching ching. 

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