Dear Cancri, Love from Earth

Dear Cancri, Love from Earth

Cancri is a planet outside the solar system that scientists reckon could be 1/3 full of diamonds. It got us thinking about the whole parallel universe thing and what the good people of Cancri drink. And maybe they're wondering the same about us?

So we threw a survey* at it, asking over 2,000 of Earth's finest warriors what they like to drink. Now we can go back to the Cancrians with some legit data...

The results are in!

*humble warrior digital survey of 2,023 people from Sep 2020 to Feb 2021.


We want to live well

We used to drink bad stuff that tasted good. Then we started drinking good stuff that tasted bad. Now? We want good stuff that tastes good.

Here's what we care about most:

Blue planet going green

Our planet is mainly blue. But out of 2,000 Earth dwellers surveyed, more than 1,500 people want more plants in their diet. We're fast going green.


Thumbs down to:

Mostly, we're lovers not fighters here on Earth ... but there are some things we're pretty much done with. To the bygones of the 1900s, we bid you adieu:


The truth is out there.

98% of Earthling warriors said they want more drinks from hw.

Get excited: it's coming.


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