The warrior code

We chant it in our sleep, we put it at the bottom of our emails. It's why we do what we do.  
Here's a lowdown on the warrior code: the triple threat that keeps your bodies strong and tastebuds tingling.
1. Proper plants

We're 100% about kick-ass plants. Because the ones we use are naturally packed with vitamins and nutrients, without any of the sugar. 

Take a single Indian gooseberry - 16 times the vitamin C of an orange, sans the sucre.

2. No bad stuff

Our drinks are made with roots, barks, leaves and berries - straight from mother nature herself. We steer clear of stuff you can't pronounce, and ingredients cooked up in labs.

So you know you're getting natural, clean label and ethically sourced goodness. With 2% of every bottle going to charity, so you can sip happily.

3. Very delicious

We distill, brew and extract our plants to serve up flavours that pack a punch. From lush pomegranate to earthy turmeric, we give you just the right mix of flavour and function.

And with 3 Great Taste gongs to our name, we're delighting even the most sophisticated taste buds! 

So warriors, that's the code that can't be cracked.

Because who said you can't have it all?!
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