A new kind of fizzy drink has landed

A new kind of fizzy drink has landed

A new kind of fizzy drink

They're here. 

All the plant goodness you know and love, but with even less sugar and even more natural vitamins and nutrients. All from mother nature.

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Boo Yao!

Kick-ass new flavours

As always, the plants take centre stage. And they now come in three kick-ass flavours:

Mango & Turmeric: 
mother nature's love child.

Pomegranate & Hibiscus: 
like a kiss from the gods.

Pineapple & Ginger: 
tropical paradise in a can. 


100% of your daily vitamin C

We've packed more plants in ... so you're now getting 100% of your daily vitamin C in every can. That vitamin goodness is coming to you au naturel, live and direct from the incredible acerola cherry.

No synthetic vitamins or powder packs here - just 100% natural goodness from plants (as always), so you can be strong like a warrior.

80% less sugar 

Fizzy drinks just got real. With less than 5 grams of sugar per can, we've got 80% less sugar than regular fizzy drinks. The best bit? We've got there without using any artificial sweeteners, and still give you full, delicious flavour in every sip.

So you can enjoy them guilt-free, knowing you're doing your body a favour.

We're excited...


The days of choosing between taste and health are over...finally there is a fizzy drink on the market that's 100% plant-powered, low in sugar and tastes bang-on. Enjoy warriors!
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