What's inside us?

What's inside us?

We get a lot of people asking us what's inside humble warrior. So our first thought was to share our deepest darkest thoughts, but then we realised it could just be an email about our ingredients.
In a nutshell, humble warrior = fruit + functional plants (plants that help keep you healthy and strong).


Here's a breakdown of what we mean:


Native to Central and South America, the acerola has 7 times the vitamin C of an orange plus is packed with vitamin A, B1, B2 , niacin, iron and flavonoids (who would have known something the size of a grape could deliver so much.)


From the ginger family and used for thousands of years in Asia, turmeric has natural anti-inflammatory properties and powerful antioxidants. Will it make you a gladiator? Only one way to find out.



The great all-rounder, used across cultures and packed with gingerols and anti-oxidants to aid digestion and keep your body fighting fit.  Also made famous by Ginger Spice. 



Ceylon cinnamon is packed with manganese and helps regulate your blood sugar. It can support good circulation and fight infection, and has been used since the middle ages (quite possibly the most plague ridden era of all time).


Together they create the power that makes you strong like a warrior...because who wouldn't want to be these days.


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