Nutritionist-Approved Tips to Stay Strong ❄️💪

Nutritionist-Approved Tips to Stay Strong ❄️💪

There are so many immunity hacks out there, it's hard to know which ones to trust. We've teamed up with our amazing nutritionist friends and advisers over at Alliance for Natural Health, to share some easy ones with you to help power you through the winter and keep you strong like a warrior! 

1. Cold showers

study back in 2016 showed that those people that had cold showers every morning were 30% less likely to take time off for sickness than those who did not. The study showed that adding just 30 seconds of cold water blast to your morning routine was all you need.
To introduce your body to it, try turning the tap to cold for 10 seconds at the end of your shower, and work your way up! 

2. Replenish every 90 minutes

You might remember our blog early in the winter about the short shelf-life inside our bodies of the humble Vit C. A dose of this immune powerhouse is absorbed and used up in just 90 minutes.

So we need to replenish our levels regularly through the day, while not going over 2,000mg a day which is current guidance - to give you an idea of how much that is, a brussels sprout typically contains around 75mg of vitamin C, while a can of humble warrior contains 80mg of vitamin C. So you can chug away on those cans till the cows come home!

You can also stock up on fresh bioflavonoid-rich foods like these -

brussel sprouts
kiwi fruit

They're all high in Vitamin C and also enhance the absorption of Vitamin C into your bloodstream ... a sure fire way to support your immune health. 

3. Plank it

New research suggests that isometric exercises - where you hold your body while tensing your muscles for a period of time - are better than other forms of exercise at lowering blood pressure. A surge of blood flows through your blood vessels after you relax your hold, and is believed to trigger improvements in blood flow.

So get going on those planks, wall squats and calf raises!  

4. Exercise snacking

Keep your trainers at your desk, and start exercise snacking! Whether its a light jog to the photocopier or using the stairs to get to the ground floor, staying active through the day is great for general health and wellbeing.
And if you can get yourself outside for a few breaks through the day, the Vitamin D from the sun (it's there even if you can't see it!) will help keep your bones strong and your blood pumping.

5. Write yourself better

Research has found that keeping a journal can have positive effects on your immune system and your mood. So what's the magic? 
Well apparently journaling produces positive effects for the mind  - like helping us process challenges and damp down stress and find solutions. By reducing our 'stress hormone' cortisol (known to limit the effectiveness of our immune system), we give our bodies the best chance of fighting illness and staying strong! 
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