Immunity: The Force that binds

Immunity: The Force that binds

Imagine there was something so powerful, it could impact your energy levels, your gut health and even your mental health... all while helping you live longer.
A benevolent Big Brother for our insides. A shape-shifting Keyser Soze with pure intentions. A puppet-master whose dancing strings make us live longer and feel better.
Imagine no longer, warriors .. our immunity is this force. And latest research confirms it underpins so many areas of our health. Read on!  

Gut health

Some 70% of immune cells are found in the gut, and there is a complex interplay between your gut and your immune system. 
Your gut microbiome is the collection of tiny (mostly helpful) organisms living in your gut, and it's critical in developing our immune system. But it works the other way too: as our immune system maintains the key features that keep our gut in a steady state. 


A strong immune system results in less down time and overall fatigue. When our immune system is working well, we spend less time and energy fighting off common ailments. The result? We feel more energised. Simples!

Mental health

It's well known that stress, and increased cortisol levels negatively impact our immune systems. But there's growing research indicating a tight link the other way too: a stronger immune system leads to less of the brain impacts that compromise our mental health. In a nutshell, a healthy immune system supports a healthy state of mind.


So what's the key to staying strong like a warrior ?
Protect your immunity. 
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