Drumroll ...

You are a

No BS warrior

humble rating: 4/5

You're the original force for good.

If there’s a trouble list you want to be on it. If there’s a tree to protest from you want to be cuffed to it.
Your best friend is a whale.
Your dream home is a teepee.
Your weapon of choice is a hug.

You've been told you're a dreamer, fighting for the impossible. But the change is real, and it's all around us. Before Greta, it was you.

You know the world, and heck sometimes it's your job to help those around you understand it too. So you're not going to tread on egg-shells, cos there is too much at stake.

Here’s to fighting the good fight. We salute you.


But how humble are your mates? Send them here to find out! 


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