The A-star acerola

The A-star acerola

The cherry on top

Every can of humble warrior contains something we like to call the WARRIOR BLEND

Its's a special blend of 4 plants that we carefully selected for their superior warrior benefits - if you're a Top Gun fan, think 'the elite best-of-the-best'. 

One of those 4 heroes is the acerola cherry. Here's why.


C is for champion

The acerola cherry is native to Central and South America, and has been used for centuries in food and drink for its massive immune boosting properties.
Each tiny acerola cherry contains 350 mg of naturally occurring vitamin C. That's a whopping 30 x the vitamin C of an orange!

Superfruit status

Along with extreme levels of vitamin C, acerola also contains a truckload of other vitamins and nutrients:  vitamin A, vitamins B1 and B2, niacin, iron and flavonoids. So when we say hw will make you strong like a warrior, we're not mucking around.

They also do wonders for your skin. Want proof? Wonder Woman eats them - and just check out those flawless cheeks.

The contrarian fruit

Unlike most fruits which come with a lot of natural sugar  .. acerola is light on the sweet stuff. 
It  means humble warrior can be naturally lower in sugar than regular fizzy drinks. A crazy 80% less sugar to be precise.
So there you have it. The acerola cherry: proud and worthy member of the WARRIOR BLEND.
Happy sipping!
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