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humble bundle
humble bundle
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Soil Association certified organic | low calories | vegan | no refined sugar | gluten-free | non-gmo | ethically sourced | made in the UK



Your humble bundle to take you through the days...Tiger Spring with panax ginseng first thing in the morning; Divine Oasis with tulsi and matcha for energizing clarity through the day, and Lunar Nectar with reishi for calm in the evening.

No fruit juices or refined sugars, this low calorie, phytonutrient rich bundle of elixirs is everything you need to nourish and support your mind and body, and keep you balanced.



In ancient Indian traditions, tulsi is:

  • Used as a natural stress-reliever to help increase focus and promote balance 
  • Considered anti-viral and is used to help counteract nausea
  • Believed to detoxify and purify and is used in treatment of skin conditions

In ancient Chinese traditions, panax ginseng is:

  • Used as a natural stress-reliever to help promote fortification and vitality 
  • Considered anti-inflammatory and used to help support immunity
  • Believed to help fight fatigue and is used to help boost energy

In ancient Indian and Chinese traditions, reishi is:

  • Used as a natural stress-reliever to help promote calm and relaxation 
  • Used to help promote better sleep
  • Believed to be anti-inflammatory and is used to help support immunity

In ancient traditions, super plants are consumed in regular, small doses as part of a balanced, everyday diet.

Our 6 or 12 day humble bundle box has meaningful amounts of active plants per bottle and can be consumed every day or else enjoy it every few days and spread it over the month!

Divine Oasis is ideal with a meal, post work-out or at any time of day when in need of a refreshing lift.

Tiger Spring is ideal first thing in the morning, pre-work-out or at any time of day when you are feeling run down and in need of a boost.

Lunar Nectar is ideal with an evening meal, before bed or at any time of day when in need of a bit of zen.


Divine Oasis: Filtered water*, coconut nectar, tulsi, matcha, ginger, coriander, cayenne pepper, cacao, clove, lime 

Lunar Nectar: Filtered water*, coconut nectar, reishi, cacao, chamomile , coriander, cayenne pepper, clove, lime

Tiger Spring: Filtered water*, coconut nectar, panax ginseng, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, cayenne pepper, cacao, clove, lime 

*not organic


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