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Plants 101

There are 300,000 edible plants in the earth. And some of them are powerhouses of genuine healthy goodness. We’re all about taking kickass plants out of the health aisle and into your everyday. Take the acerola cherry with 16 times the vitamin C of an orange, once relegated to tablets and powders, now drinkable in hw! 

Proper plants

We’re 100% about kick-ass plants. The roots, barks and leaves we use are naturally packed with vitamins (like C, B and D) and nutrients. But the best bit? They are almost entirely zero sugar.

Daily dose of vitamin C

Each can of hw contains your recommended daily dose of vitamin C (100 mg/ per 100 ml). And the best bit it’s entirely natural – from the amazing acerola. None of this synthetic lab-made stuff in these beauties.

Low sugar

Because we use roots, barks and leaves, we’re naturally lower in sugar than other drinks. All our cans contain less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml. That makes us deep deep low on the sucre!

Low calorie

Plants are naturally low calorie. That means you can indulge on your fizzy pop knowing full well it is doing wonders for your insides.

No bad stuff

We are 100% natural, plant-based delicious goodness. We steer clear of stuff you can’t pronounce and ingredients cooked up in labs (like synthetic vitamin packs).

Very delicious

We cold-brew, still and extract our plants to make delicious drinks that pack a punch! We blend our plants with real fruit to get you the perfect mix of flavour and function.

How many can I drink?

A can is your daily recommended intake of vitamin C (around 80 mg)…but there's really no limit to how many you can have!

How do I serve it?

Morning, noon or night – throw it down solo or as a sidekick to food. Best served cold.

More questions?

Head over to our FAQ – or get in touch anytime –

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