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warrior wisdom: Chelsea Brazier

Welcome to our latest Warrior Wisdom interview, where we ask inspiring leaders in their field five questions, ranging from life-changing habits to best buys under £50. Today we are talking to Chelsea Brazier - founder of the incredible wellness mag - WELL+HAPPY.

With a global following on instagram @wellandhappy, Chelsea has been a pioneer of all things plants since leaving advertising and launching her much loved and respected health and wellness resource focusing on plant-based eating, conscious living and living life well! Today, we hear from Chelsea on the power of a positive mindset, the energy in rituals and living by the sea.

1. In the last five years, what new belief, behaviour, or habit has most improved your life?

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen, as it always is! Believing and expecting the positive just makes space for more of that in your life… and I’d much rather live in a world of positive expectation than one which is negative. It definitely helps me to maintain an outlook which always looks for the good in things and always expects good things - and it’s a mindset I love to live by. Another which is in alignment with this, is to ‘look for love’.

We’re often conditioned by society to look for the negative in things, find faults, pick holes and - sometimes quite a British trait - find things to moan about! But I like to look for love instead. See the love in people, in things, in places, which ordinarily we might find fault in. It’s not only a fun and positive way to live your life, but it helps to reprogram your brain. Over time we see the negative less and adopt a more positive mindset overall.

2. If you feel overwhelmed or unfocused what do you do?

I either hit the mat and flow, hit the pavement and walk or head out on my skateboard… Anything where I’m moving my body, breathing, flowing and ideally outdoors is always a sure fire way to help clear my head and re-centre my thoughts.

My ideal is to live beside the sea, as there is nothing that the sea can't cure for me!

3. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done or seen someone else do?

For me it’s been stepping away from circumstances which no longer served me. I stepped away from a well-paid corporate career, a comfortable long-term relationship, toxic friendships and even a business model which was working well and growing fast. Each time I’ve taken leaps of faith, trusted the process and rolled with it, it’s always been such a rewarding experience. Learning to do it, means that the next time I’m faced with a  similar decision I don’t doubt it anymore.

I find it equally courageous when others make positive steps towards moving away from things that are not serving them. Do what makes you happy, always. Life is too short not to!

4. What’s the most interesting place you’ve been to recently and why? 

As much as this sounds cliched coming from a yogi, it has to be Bali. I recently went for my 2nd year running and I just cannot get enough of the magical energy in that country. As soon as you land you can feel it, the energy is electric and arriving there for the 2nd time, it was a great feeling to experience it again - yet this time more familiar. What I find most interesting about this though - is that I believe that it’s the people there that create this energy, The Balinese people are incredibly religious.

They take part in rituals almost every day. They bless and have ceremonies for new cars and TV’s, as well as for full moons, weddings, funerals and so on. Most of the temples and villas are blessed daily. And whether or not you choose to believe in or adopt their religious views, I truly believe that the energy they harness, creates a certain positive buzz in Bali itself.

5. What is the best thing you've bought for under £50 in the past year?

I purchased a glass water bottle in Bali, which has a macramé string holder attached to it. It’s stunning, I love taking it everywhere with me - and I just wish I could find them here in the UK… so many people ask me where I got it from.

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