Warrior wisdom: Alexandra Dudley

Welcome to the second of our warrior wisdom interviews - where we we ask inspiring leaders in the wellness space five questions, ranging from life-changing habits to best buys under £50.

Today we hear from the wonderful Alexandra Dudley - a creative dynamo who applies her many talents to a range of health, food and well-being pursuits. Alexandra is also a successful foodie entrepreneur and pioneer in the health food space. She founded Punch Foods, one of the first super seed brands to disrupt the snacking market.

Alexandra's first recipe book, Land & Sea: Secrets to Simple, Sustainable, Sensational Food - is filled with gorgeous, practical and healthy recipes. Perfect for you health-conscious warriors! You can order Alexandra's cook book LAND & SEA on Amazon. 

1. In the last five years, what new belief, behaviour, or habit has most improved your life?

Yoga, although I actually started ten years ago now. Occasionally there are times where I slip out of practising and I really feel it. As soon as I am back on the mat I have so much better peace of mind. I swear by yoga to keep one calm and grounded.

2. If you feel overwhelmed or unfocused what do you do?

I tend to cook or listen to music and sing. I come from a family of keen singers and its something we always did as children. I find singing a great release and and wonderfully soothing for the soul.

3. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done or seen someone else do?

I have a great number of friends who have gone out and started their own businesses. I think anyone who does this is incredibly brave. I am constantly amazed and inspired by my friends and others who do this. 

4. What’s the most interesting place you’ve been to recently and why? 

Earlier this year I visited an olive oil press and groves in Spain. I learned about the whole process of cold pressing olive oil and it was fascinating. It is such a craft that has hardly changed from the time it was first invented. It was a wonderful thing to see and only makes me appreciate olive oil even more. 

5. What is the best thing you've bought for under £50 in the past year?

A hand made ceramic water jug. I love collecting ceramics and am especially fond of this jug. It has a neck that has been slightly pressed by two forefingers and thumb whilst the clay was still left. It makes it easy to hold and pour and tells the story of its making which I love.

Stay humble. Stay happy. #DRINKPLANTS

humble warrior team 

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