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Warrior wisdom: Adam Husler interview

Welcome to the first in a series of interviews where we ask inspiring leaders in the wellness space five questions, ranging from life-changing habits to best buys under £50.

Today we hear from yoga guru Adam Husler, one of the most in-demand yoga teachers in London. Adam has an eclectic background spanning boxing, ultra-marathons and a law degree (and more than a decade on the yoga mat), informing his unique approach to teaching and outlook on life.

If you are thinking about a yoga retreat next year, make sure you check out Adam's schedule for 2019. From Sri Lanka to Iceland, sheer bliss awaits those lucky to nab a spot:


1. In the last five years, what new belief, behaviour, or habit has most improved your life?
Maybe this has come with age, or confidence or a larger mix of variables, but I’ve stopped trying to be all things to all people and trying to please everyone. In my work I’ve found the teaching style that aligns with me and stick to that; if this doesn’t work for some people, that is fine, if some people like it, great, but at least everyone knows what to expect from my teaching and I can get better and better doing ‘my thing’ in ‘my way'.

2. If you feel overwhelmed or unfocused what do you do?
Normally the thing that overwhelms me is the imbalance between the amount of admin/ writing / desk time I need and the fact that generally I’m either teaching a yoga class or travelling between yoga classes.  My solution is to stop and then diarise a time to 'get on top of things'. Then I relax until that time comes, realising the inefficiency of ’tube admin’,  and then when the time comes, I eat and drink coffee until the work is done. Then calmness follows.

3. What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done or seen someone else do?
There are so many people I could bring up, but I’m writing this in one of the aforementioned ‘get stuff done’ periods, so don’t want to bring too much emotion to the surface. Instead, I’ll talk about someone I read about recently, Mr Terry Crews; hugely muscled, NFL veteran, former wrestler, action movies star, the Old Spice Guy, artist and all round wonderful human being. He has talked about his experience of sexual assault before, but recently this ‘manly man' talked openly to a Senate Judiciary Committee about his assault, his feeling of emasculation, his lack of power and the permeation of toxic masculinity in culture.

4. What’s the most interesting place you’ve been to recently and why? 
Doing what I do, how I do it, I’m lucky enough to travel pretty regularly and meet new people in new yoga studios and in new cities. In London, I’m finding lots of serenity in people watching on Parkland Walk; an old railway track running between two suburbs in North London, Highgate and Finsbury Park. It's an oasis for plants, birds, dog walkers, runners, scenic commuters, walking families, shoppers taking shortcuts and much more.  

Keeping on the nature theme, I was recently in Hunt’s Gardens in Barbados. In short, Mr Hunt, decided to make the world's most beautiful garden in a collapsed cave system, with 5 helpers, and now manages it with just one; it is without doubt one of my favourite places in the world. 

In saying all this, actually the most interesting place I've been over the past year is nowhere; a place where I’ve been actively trying to spend more time.  I've found so much value in being still, bearing witness to the present experience, without expectation, ambition, speed or goals. 

5. What is the best thing you've bought for under £50 in the past year?
I’m the kind of person that doesn't buy a lot, but when I buy, I buy with the aim of never buying it again; so normally spend a touch more than £50 on that life-changing purchase. Thinking hard though it would probably be one of my plants; seeing them grow, flower and climb over walls gives me more satisfaction and contentment that one ever expected! Close runner up might be my Aeropress coffee maker.

Stay humble. Stay happy. #DRINKPLANTS

humble warrior team 

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