Plant 101: Tulsi / Holy Basil

While it might sound a little unfamiliar today, Tulsi is a powerful adaptogenic plant .. and with its broad-based health benefits and ability to help us de-stress, we are set to hear a lot more about this miracle leaf in the year ahead. 

Sacred roots - from back gardens to the Taj Mahal
Tulsi is native to India and is considered a sacred plant there. Tulsi grows wild in many back gardens across the subcontinent and Tulsi shrines adorn the front of many houses .. as people worship this holy leaf and use it to brew teas, mix into curries or chew as a refreshing (if pungent) mouth freshener!  

In traditional belief systems, Tulsi is thought to provide protection, lift the spirits and cleanse the air. Indeed, hundreds of thousands of Tulsi plants have been planted around the Taj Mahal in India to protect the marble from damaging pollution. 

So why should I care?
Like all of our 'hero' plants', Tulsi is an adaptogen: one of a small group of super plants that help regulate our body's release of stress hormones like cortisol. This wonder leaf has something to offer everyone - consider the following benefits from Ayurvedic teachings:

  • Feeling over-stretched or stressed out? As an adaptogen, Tulsi is considered a natural stress reliever
  • Under the weather? Tulsi has anti-viral properties and is thought to help counteract nausea
  • Itchy, irritated skin? Tulsi is believed to detoxify and purify, and is used in treatments of acne and other skin conditions

Award winning flavour in our Divine Oasis! 
Taken on its own, Tulsi's bitter and pungent flavour is not for the faint-hearted! Here at humble warrior, we combine it with ginger, matcha and a hint of coconut nectar in our Divine Oasis. The result? A refreshing, moreish flavour.. but don't take our word for it. Divine Oasis has just been awarded a 2018 Great Taste Award by the UK's Guild of Fine Food! 

Stay humble, and happy!
humble warrior team 

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