Plant 101: Panax Ginseng

Today we’re taking a break from the Black Friday madness to shine a light on one of our favourite plants, ginseng. As the mercury drops outside and the ramp up to Christmas madness approaches, this natural beauty is your friend  .. for that va va voooom we all need at this time of year!

Ginseng: the wily old-timer

Ginseng is a root that grows in the ground, a bit like ginger. There are lots of varieties – red, white, American, Oriental. Here at humble warrior we use the highest grade organic panax ginseng from Northern China. This is one of the most revered plants in Asia, due to its phenomenal health properties.

Ginseng is a hardy beast, able to withstand intense environmental extremes and temperatures as low as -20°C. It is planted and left to grow for at least 7 years before being harvested. And this long life cycle is the key to the magic of ginseng: throughout the seven year gestation, the ginseng root absorbs a powerful array of active elements. And this in turn gives ginseng its incredible health benefits,

So what does it do for me?

Ginseng can help our bodies adapt to all manner of hardship. The most commonly known benefits include

  • Helping us feel energised when we are feeling run down
  • Nourishing us and helping our bodies fight sickness
  • Helping our system adapt to whatever is going on externally. There is research out there suggesting ginseng has adaptogenic properties (see our earlier post on adaptogens here). 
There are a myriad of other benefits that ginseng is said to offer. Ginseng devotees talk about improved physical stamina, cellular health, better memory and yep, even performance in the bedroom!

Taste – it’s all about the blend

Let’s face it, ginseng is not widely known as a taste sensation (more one for the die-hards steeping it in hot water and sipping through gritted teeth..). But in truth ginseng is highly aromatic – and when combined with the right plant friends, its liquorice sweet flavour and earthy undertones can be enjoyed rather than endured!

This rich flavour makes ginseng a great alternative to coffee, an awesome morning pick-me up as well as a great non-alcoholic drink for the evening. Try our Tiger Spring elixir – which combines ginseng with turmeric and cinnamon to give a delicious, balanced flavour that is great at any time of day.

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Stay humble out there!
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