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The end of January can be a great time to look back on the resolutions we made at the start of the year.. remember, those bold plans we made about what we'd do more, of less of... or just keep the same?

Here at humble warrior hq, our resolution (or at least the one we stuck with) was to simplify things - keep it simple sista (or bro) (KISB ...just doesn't roll off the tongue in the same way...)

Trying to make that one tough decision that removes hundreds of little ones, de-cluttering, and generally doing what we can to spend more time on the stuff that really matters.. like making delicious plant drinks for all of you! 

It's a work in progress .. but we have come across a few little tactics that have really helped - and we are sharing with you our humble warriors...

Set out your day before turning to the screen

This is about taking back control (not the Trump way!), by setting our own terms for the day. Not being distracted by whatever has come into our inbox overnight...but waking up and getting clear on our priorities before external forces come in and distract us... It's been a revelation.

The top 3 list

We have banished long lists of to-do's and are trying to avoid setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. Long lists are not only a waste of precious paper, they often end up making us feel overwhelmed. Cutting back to our top 3 priorities for each day helps us single-task and actually give each thing on the list the time and focus it deserves. No more emailing from the office bathroom ... hurrah!!

Extreme gratitude 

Drawing on the work of extreme self-experimenter AJ Jacobs we've started practicing the art of extreme gratitude. This involves taking something basic that you do/eat/drink every day and thinking about the hundreds of little things that had to go right to make it happen. So as we sip on our morning humble warrior elixir we think about the million little things that had to go right to get that to our lips...from the right weather that allowed the plants to grow across the four corners of the world, to the farmer that toiled that harvest to get it to us, to the store that opened its doors that morning to sell us our drink and the person that stacked the fridge to make sure it came to us cold... you get the picture - it's endless and an incredibly humbling exercise. 

(AJ Jacobs takes it to the ultimate extreme in his latest book - Thanks a Thousand - which documents his global journey to personally thank the 1000 people along the supply chain who make his morning coffee a reality - worth a read or listen to this Tim Ferriss podcast)


That's a wrap from us. Gotta get back to the other two things on our list...ha ha.

Keep it simple. #DRINKPLANTS


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