Self-care: 5 great tips from the East

Self-care - the most overused word of 2018?! Let's break it down..

In a nutshell, 'self care' is about doing things that help us keep healthy in body, and happy in mind. That means eating and drinking well, but also exercising and maintaining a good head space.

And this is how self-care is understood in the East too. 

Easier said than done? Yep - so here are 5 great tips:

A few practical tips for the modern urbanite, drawing on ancient Eastern approaches to well-being:

  1. Wake up early - In Japanese culture this means up around 4.30am, before you enter a new REM cycle. That is quite hardcore, but even waking half an hour earlier can help promote a lasting sense of energy.

  2. Have a morning routine - Carve out a block of time to do something nourishing for yourself - stretching, exercise or reading the news over a warm drink. No phones! 

  3. Brush your tongue! - Sounds crazy, but while we're all on board with clean teeth and gums ..  that big old thing in the middle of our mouth collects a whole lot of stuff we are better off without. A big one in Ayurveda and also a great way to boost flavour!

  4. Focus on something simple - Meditation can be as simple as setting a 10-minute timer and looking out the window or at an object in front of you. The effects are still powerful.

  5. Steal moments - It's hard to carve out blocks of time, so instead take opportunities for mini breaks of 2-3 minutes through the day to get some head space - on the commute to work, bathroom breaks, elevator rides... you may get hooked! 

Stay humble (and happy)!
humble warrior team

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