adapto .. what?!

So what's all the buzz about adaptogens?

Well in short, these plants are the real deal! To qualify as an adaptogen, a plant must:

  • be 100% safe and natural;
  • have broad-based benefits and defend the body against a variety of stressors;
  • help normalise our systems and bring the body into balance.

What happens when you eat and drink them? 

The clue is in the name! .. adaptogens help the body adapt to whatever is going on inside and outside the body. So they can help boost our energy when we are flat, calm us when we are anxious, boost our natural defences when we are unwell ... and continue to function (and thrive) when we are under stress!

Result? A better mood, improved digestion, greater concentration, sounder sleep. Couldn't we all use a little adaptogenic power in our life?!

Where can we find them?

Some of the better known adaptogens are tulsi (holy basil), panax ginseng, reishi mushroom, ashwaganda, maca root and rhodiola. We've bottled a few of these wonders in our range of delicious, plant-based elixirs!

Stay humble (and happy)!
humble warrior team
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